Developing a flexible approach to reward at SPD

Verditer partnered with SPD to develop a flexible approach to reward for a diverse population.

Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH (SPD) is a world leader in the research, design, and supply of medical diagnostic products. Well-known brands include Clearblue® and PERSONA®. 

Given the huge variety of roles, including technical specialists, a flexible approach to reward was needed that worked well in both the UK and Switzerland.  

“Before Verditer came in we weren’t really sure where to start with the project.  They spelt it all out and really helped at every step of the way”

The first step was to work with senior stakeholders to agree a clear reward strategy that aligned with business goals.   

“The lead team really respected the specialist input from Verditer.  The reward strategy interviews and workshop really got them thinking” 

Implementing the agreed strategy included the development of career levels defined through a bespoke job classification framework.

“Allowing employees to input into the design of the job classification framework meant that the language made sense.  The feedback is that it is the clearest it has ever been”

The new career levels were used as the basis for broad pay ranges aligned to job families.  By using the pay principles, line managers are empowered to set individual pay rates within the ranges in a fair and consistent way.    

“In the UK, the pay ranges are openly shared and published in the employee handbook.  This means employees have a greater understanding of how their pay has been set”

Throughout the project, it was important for SPD to involve employees and socialise the change.  To support this, Verditer ran a communication planning workshop.  

This transparent approach has no doubt contributed to the success of this major HR project. 

“Bringing in an external consultancy meant we delivered a great project with their support, and have developed enough expertise internally to now manage it ourselves going forward”

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