Developing an agile approach to remuneration

Verditer partnered with Bruntwood to develop pay frameworks that support a future looking agile organisation.

Bruntwood is a family-owned property company offering office space, serviced offices, retail space and virtual offices in the north of England and Birmingham. As a purpose-led organisation, sustainability and acting as a catalyst for growth is embedded in the business.

The aim was to develop a structured ‘one Bruntwood’ approach to remuneration without restricting the agility of the organisation or becoming ‘too corporate’. This was achieved using broad, transparent career levels, and flexible pay ranges in a way that supported the existing culture.

“From the first conversation it was clear that Verditer understood our needs and had the expertise to support us.”

The first step was to understand the current market position through a pay benchmarking exercise. This provided data upon which to develop pay principles.   

“Verditer managed the project with professionalism and exceeded expectations at every stage. The outputs received were more insightful and valuable than we could have anticipated, and the process enabled us to think more clearly about our remuneration framework and approach moving forward.”

Employees were involved in the design of a straightforward job classification framework with six clear career levels.

“Our new career wheel, with clear levels and factors has assisted organisation design and succession planning as well as being a tool for managers and employees to have career and reward conversations.”

The market data was then used to develop competitive pay ranges for each level and job family. Broad ranges allow line managers the flexibility to make decisions that are right for employees and the business.  

“Previously reward was ad hoc and inconsistent. The new approach gives us a framework for decision making and more equity around reward, while allowing us to empower managers and retain the agility needed in our business”.   

At Verditer we undertake pay benchmarking, create bespoke job classification frameworks, and pay structures to guide fair, transparent and market competitive pay decisions.