2018’s top 10

Reward remains high on HR’s agenda
Verditers Top 10 Blogs of 2018

We were busier than ever in 2018; supporting all types of employers with a range of reward challenges.

Our most popular blogs of last year reflect the variety of ways that HR is making a difference through reward. It’s really encouraging to see that at number 5 is a blog about how everyone in HR needs to have a good grasp of reward. And of course that’s exactly what our RewardReady workshops are designed to do.

The key theme in 2018 was transparency driving change. The focus on pay ratios and the new corporate governance code epitomise this and are five of our top ten.  And the impending ethnicity pay ratio is at number 11!

It’s not just about adhering to the legislation; it’s about doing the right thing and rebuilding trust:

1. 10 more great gender pay gap narratives

We looked at the voluntary narratives on the government website and highlighted the good, the bad and the ugly

2. Financial fitness is a win-win

Julia featured in Employee Benefits magazine on the benefits of supporting financial well-being at work

3. Are you reward ready for 2018?

Our predictions on what might be on the reward agenda in 2018

4.Ten things you need to know about executive pay ratios

Sam summarised the pay ratio requirements and challenged us to learn from the gender pay gap

5. If you want to get ahead: get reward

HR needs to be at the forefront of rebuilding trust. The importance of reward is paramount and HR professionals who understand it will be key

6. More authentic gender pay please

Sam calls for the removal of smoke and mirrors on gender pay reporting

7. The market median pot of gold

One of our oldest blogs that saw a resurgence last year as employers started looking at pay equality

8. Is parental leave on your gender pay action plan?

Addressing the gender pay gap from the viewpoint of both genders

9. Corporate Governance Code 2018

On the back of more corporate scandals, the new code looks to address standards and restore trust

10. Reward without ratings? A choice of three

Linking reward with the new performance management approach is on a lot of agendas. Our blog and our webinar suggest some options


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Image: Alphabetical Jumble courtesy of Christian Schnettelker