Our top 10 blog posts of 2020

Pay equality, furlough and COVID top the list in 2020
top 10 blog posts of 2020

2020 was certainly interesting for us all.  Each year we highlight our most popular blog posts in case you missed them first time around.   It also helps us understand which topics are most important to you, so we can start to plan some topics for the year ahead.

Unsurprisingly, posts relating to COVID made up our most visited articles.  But there’s also a few interesting ones in there as some older posts were still popular reads during 2020:

1. 10 Great Gender Pay Gap Narratives

Our most viewed post for 2020 was actually one from way back in 2017.  Gender pay reporting is still a big focus today and it’s clear you are interested in creating great narratives.  We will update this in 2021 to showcase some of the best we’re seeing now.

2. The morality of furlough

Unsurprisingly, a blog on furlough was one of our most popular posts in 2020.  Julia presents a personal perspective on the morality of furlough - it’s definitely worth a read. 

3. Reward responses to COVID: summary of research

This post lists a useful collection of research and information on pay, benefits and bonuses in light of the pandemic.  There’s useful content being published all the time so we will update this throughout 2021.

4. Four things to do with a 0.8% pay review

With low pay increases on the cards for many organisations, Sam suggests four effective ways of handling the challenge.  Before you divide that small pay increase pot across the board, read this blog first! 

5. Reward without ratings? A choice of three

How we can reward performance without appraisal ratings?  This important question is discussed as much now as it was in 2018 when Sam wrote this blog to help simplify the options.

6. Why inflation-driven pay increases have run out of hot air

Another older post, this time from 2017.   We believe using precious pay review cash to compensate for inflation is flawed and this post explains why. 

 7. Ethnicity pay reporting: taking positive action now

A post from Julia who offers practical advice on how companies can ensure the systems and communications are in place for ethnicity pay reporting.  

 8. Learning from the exam results fiasco

This post looked at how the exam results fiasco seen last summer shares similarities with many company bonus plans.  How can we ensure effective plans that reward exceptional employees regardless of whether it is a good, or poor, performance year?

9. 10 reasons to cut your gender pay gap

This is the oldest post to make the 2020 list.  In 2016 Sam gave ten reasons to cut your gender pay gap.  Take a look, they are all completely valid today.  

10. Job evaluation for a changing world

Are you looking for a way to consistently establish the size of different roles, but find the traditional points-based approach to job evaluation more a blocker than an  enabler?   Julia presents the case for a more agile approach.

We are optimistically looking ahead to the coming year, and look forward to working with you in 2021.

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