Our top 10 of 2016

Just in case you missed them, here are our most popular blogs of 2016

Performance and reward is as fast paced as ever and will keep us busy during 2017 so we thought we’d take stock and review our most popular blogs of 2016.

1. Why a fast-growth retailer did an appraisal u-turn

Our most popular blog, showing that getting performance management right is still top of many agendas.

2. Brexit: implications for reward

Probably the biggest change to the UK landscape for decades. We looked at what brexit means for reward and followed up with a CIPD webinar .

3. Are you reward ready for business success in 2016?

Our thoughts on reward in a VUCA world.

4. Get ready for the annual pay review

Despite the ever changing environment, reward professionals still need to get the basics right.

5. Theresa May: setting out her stall on executive pay

The response to brexit was swift, with the new Prime Minister reacting to the mood of voters on pay inequality. A green paper has recently been published for consultation on reforms on executive pay and greater governance.

6. The market median pot of gold

With salary budgets tight, why chasing the market isn’t the way to keep control of pay.

7. Don’t throw out your performance management baby!

Our second PM related blog in the top 10. Why just removing ratings won’t solve your PM challenges. With so much being written about performance management, we pulled essential reading into a handy guide.

8. Three reasons to calculate your gender pay gap – today

The final regulations have now been published. We discussed why understanding your pay gap as early as possible helps to keep you on the front foot.

9. International benefits for a multi-generational workforce

Following our presentation at Employee Benefits Connect, we looked at linking benefits to global goals and values and the opportunities of ageless and geographically diverse talent.

10. Financial wellbeing: more than bells and whistles

Why helping employees to personal financial wellness makes great business sense.


What else was trending?

The response to our gender pay gap seminars and associated blogs  was fantastic and there are still plenty of hits on our 2015 blogs on reward without ratings showing that performance management is still a hot topic.


At Verditer we make performance management and reward more effective. 

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Image by Christian Schnettelker