Our top 10 of 2017

2017 has been an exciting year for pay and reward.
Our top 10 of 2017

Equality has been high on the reward agenda. It was a key theme for 2017; from government consultations on better governance around executive pay to the challenges of the gig economy. And of course the gender pay gap. It’s been the hottest topic for us, our clients and the media. So much so that it appears three times in the top 10 of our most popular blogs:

1.  10 Great Gender Pay Gap Narratives

The narrative is voluntary but many companies are sharing more than just their statutory figures. Here we share the good, the bad and the ugly.

2.  Gender Pay Reporting Must Reads

Another ‘Top 10’: Sharing a shortlist of the most helpful resources we’ve come across to help you with everything from your strategic imperative to practical reporting steps.

3.  Performance Management (2 of 3): reward without ratings

This has been one of our most popular blogs for the past three years. It seems that HR is still wrestling with how pay fits with the new approaches to performance management.

4.  Why inflation-driven pay increases have run out of hot air

Why cost of living increases are a dangerous straightjacket at a time when businesses need agility to thrive.

5.  Are you ‘reward ready’ for business success in 2017

At the start of 2017 we discussed five aspects we were hearing a lot about and some thoughts on what they mean for reward.

6.  The Times: Sam talks of recognition for the Talent Management Special Report

Sam talks to the Times/Raconteur about recognition in their special report on Talent Management.  You can read the article here.

7.  10 reasons to cut your gender pay gap

Why reducing, not just publishing, your gender pay gap is such an important area of focus.

8.  Reward Quarter No. 1: Reward Strategy

This was the first in our series aimed at bringing clarity to specific topics that combine to create the world of reward. Here we explore the steps to create a reward strategy and share our golden rule.

9.  Tension in the air: job evaluation for a changing world

Julia discusses the conflicting drivers that mean traditional job evaluation may not suit the new ways of working and considers the benefits of a transparent classification approach.

10.  Pay: a new perspective for employee engagement

It’s not about high pay. It’s about fair pay being the key to increasing employee engagement.

Our video on creating pay foundations was a real hit. And our rewardready workshops are also proving popular.

So it’s clear that reward is still high on HR’s agenda.


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