Our top 10 of 2019

Pay equality, fairness and transparency still top of our list
Our top 10 of 2019

2019 has been busy for our clients, and us too!  Each year we take a look back at which of our blogs attracted most interested.  It’s good to see that our two most popular blogs from 2019 both look at the gender pay gap, reflecting the high profile nature of this serious issue: 

1. The challenges of gender pay reporting - six areas of focus

Our top blog of 2019 looks at the challenges we are all facing three years into this regulatory change.  I think we can say that gender pay reporting is much more involved than many originally thought.

2. 10 reasons to cut your gender pay gap

Also, our summary of just why reducing your gender pay gap is such an important area of focus is still attracting attention.  This blog is good if you’re looking for help articulating the business case.

3. A $70,000 fatal attraction?

One from way back in 2015 is still proving popular.  It’s a succinct look at why high pay alone is a shallow reward and the excitement can soon fade away. 

4. The Times: Sam talks of recognition for the Talent Management Special Report

Last year, Sam talked with The Times about recognition for their special report on Talent Management.  Looking at the numbers it’s attracting, this is still worth a read.

5. Five reasons for transparent pay

70% of businesses see pay transparency as good for employee satisfaction, but we know it can be hard to persuade senior decision-makers to take the bold steps needed.  We wrote this blog to try and help.

6. Reward without ratings? A choice of three

This is probably one of the most discussed topics in many of our client meetings.  If you’re considering turning away from appraisal ratings, how do you reward individual performance?  Here we give you the three options. 

7. Tension in the air: job evaluation for a changing world

Another topic that crops up time and time again is whether a traditional points-based approach to job evaluation is more of a blocker than an enabler.  Here’s our view.

8. Women and work: Is the tide turning?

Although this is a fairly recent blog, it has had a significant number of hits already.  With the highest proportion of working age women in employment ever (78%), we discuss why women’s voices need to be heard and how employment proposition has to change.

9. Executive pay and the psychology of motivation

All listed companies in the UK with more than 250 people must now report the ratio between their CEO pay and the median pay of their employees.  If you have any responsibility or interest in executive pay, this CIPD podcast featuring Julia is definitely worth a listen.

10. Hat’s off to Engineering: leading the way on gender pay

We first mentioned working with the Royal Academy of Engineering and WISE to research the engineering pay gap in this blog post back in April 2019. We are excited to announce that the report will be launch on 28th January 2020.


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Image: courtesy of Christian Schnettelker