WEBINAR: Pay Transparency

The transition from aspiration to reality
Pay Transparency - The Transition from Aspiration to Reality

We were delighted to join Curo Compensation last week in one of their popular ‘Webinar and Fireside Chat’ sessions.  

We discussed “Pay Transparency: The Transition from Aspiration to Reality” alongside Jen Peacock who is a reward specialist and blogger over in the US. 

Here’s the on-demand recording if you missed it.  

In the webinar we discussed why it’s important to build on a new culture of trust, while sharing insights and practical examples for achieving pay transparency.  Specific questions we addressed included:

  • The foundations needed in order to support transparency
  • Why employee perception of fair pay has declined over the last decade 
  • Why pay transparency is as much about organisational values as it is about pay 
  • How transparent you can truly be about pay

It’s an interesting topic.  Especially at a time when many leaders are taking business survival and compensation decisions that impact employees dramatically.  

If you’d like help articulating a clear pay and reward strategy or carrying out a robust pay benchmarking exercise, please do get in touch for an initial conversation.  

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