CIPD Performance Management Conference: Taking stock

1 December 2015
Athletic feet by Tableanty

There’s lots of noise around performance management at the moment so attending the CIPD’s conference on Tuesday was a timely opportunity to take stock before sprinting towards next year’s objectives.

There were lots of case studies from organisations who have made changes to their performance management approach; examples ranged from the ‘traditional’ (appraisals and ratings) to the ‘innovative’ (conversation playing cards and customer service not personal performance). This truly demonstrated that one size doesn’t fit all.

Underlying the spectrum of approaches discussed were some key themes:

  • Understand the purpose of PM. What do you want it to achieve? Is it about productivity, personal development, talent identification or reward distribution? Don’t try to do too much, you’ll lose the focus to achieve your objectives
  • Define what performance means for you. It might not be the same for everyone in your organisation. This will help define the performance culture you need to drive your objectives.
  • Your context will drive your PM process. Whether that’s ratings, manager capability, consistent processes or constant feedback.
  • It all takes time.Some make incremental steps; others take a big bang approach but don’t rush into change; consider, engage and communicate. Results also take time.


And of course we’d add: don’t forget reward. It needs to be integral to your PM change programme and must align with your purpose and context.

Thank you to the speakers for sharing their experiences and keeping us entertained.


Image courtesy of Tableanty

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