Performance management must reads

Light at the end of the tunnel
Light in Tunnel to show hope for Performance Management

Traditional performance management is on the way out but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Several times over the past months, I’ve been asked to recommend articles on performance management.  Ones that capture current thinking and show ‘trailblazing’ companies.

There’s lots to choose from but here’s 10 I have found particularly useful (in no particular order):

  1. The Alliance by Reid Hoffman – the changing employee/employer relationship and reason for PM to be more two-way.
  2. The real story on performance management in EMEA by Towers Watson – some stats and evolving techniques.
  3. Reinventing Performance Management by Buckingham & Goodall in Harvard Business Review - the Deloitte case study.
  4. Ridding the World of Appraisals by Lucy Adams on LinkedIn – a case for removing appraisals in our ‘VUCA’ world.
  5. Kill your Performance Ratings by David Rock et al in Strategy & Business – the SCARF model from neuroscience and why traditional appraisals provoke a fear/flight response.
  6. Removing appraisal ratings by Verditer – the first in our trilogy looking at reward without appraisal ratings.
  7. The hard truth about effective performance management by Marc Effron - a case for retaining ratings and executing the fundamentals well.
  8. Feedback is the Killer App by Josh Bersin in Forbes - a big data perspective for the future of performance management.
  9. Performance Motivation by Alex Bailey on LinkedIn – companies adopting a strengths-based approach.
  10. Welcome to the Era of Experimentation by IIaria Gregotti at KPMG – don’t follow the market, adopt an evidence-based approach.

What would you add?

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