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New research report
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With the changing nature of work and workers, we have to revitalise our current approach to reward.

This is the conclusion of the recently published REBA/JLT New Model Reward Report which explores how legislative, economic and societal changes could shape reward strategies over the next 10 years.

With helpful statistics, clear insights and practitioner views, this report is essential reading for anyone with responsibility for pay and pensions. 

“The reward and benefits practitioners who will be at the forefront of this profession will be the ones who are able to understand the changing landscape of work beyond the short term and frame new models of reward to meet the emerging demands” Debi O’Donovan.

The research includes pressures on base pay, the trend towards more tailored and flexible reward for a multi-generational workforce, and a rise in demand for greater financial understanding.   

The report is free is you’re a member of REBA (the Reward and Employee Benefits Association).  And membership is free if you’re in-house reward/benefits practitioner. 

If you’ve not done so already, it’s worth signing up to REBA.  As well as leading research and in-depth reports, membership brings with it networking events and regular industry commentary.


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