Take control of pay in 6 steps

Sam in HR Zone
Conductor taking control by Phil Roeder

When clients first talk to us, they are often interested in how to take control of pay in their organisation.  They want to know how to make the money really work for them.   They want to change pay from a series of issues to deal with, to something that rewards and motivates.

Does this resonate with you?  Are your pay budgets implemented with little regard for market rates, or contribution to the business through skills progression or performance levels?   Do you spend too much time dealing with ad hoc pay decisions, and then the unintended consequences of those decisions?  Are you concerned that more pay goes to those who complain loudest, or those with the most forceful line managers?

In this article for HR Zone, Sam walks through six steps required to take control of pay in your organisation once and for all.  From deciding what is fair and agreeing a reward strategy to creating and implementing a pay structure.

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Photo courtesy of Phil Roeder