WEBINAR: managing ratings and reward in a post-appraisal world

11 July 2018 - 1pm to 2pm
WEBINAR: managing ratings and reward in a post-appraisal world

We are pleased to have been invited to present a webinar alongside Clear Review’s CEO Stuart Hearn, discussing how the performance management debate has been hijacked by questions over ratings and reward.

“I want to move away from appraisals to an ongoing conversations approach but how will I manage pay decisions? And should I still be using ratings?”

With these common questions in mind we will be looking at the case for and against ratings, and sharing a three-step practical approach to rewarding performance.

  • Step 1: understand the key questions that determine your reward strategy
  • Step 2: identify a purpose for each reward ‘vehicle’ e.g. pay, bonus and recognition
  • Step 3: translate performance into reward. You can reward performance without ratings - we’ll show you how.

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