Why reward is centre stage for HR

It’s no longer just for specialists
Why reward is centre stage for HR

We’re seeing a step change happening in reward right now. 

What used to be the domain of a specialist few is becoming mainstream. HR generalists and business leaders are embracing reward as never before.


  • Times are changing
  • Reward is everywhere

Times are changing

I’m seeing a number of things coming together to create the perfect storm:

  • The world of work is becoming increasingly volatile and complex
  • Data analytics is creating the expectation of business insight from HR
  • The workforce is becoming more diverse and augmented
  • There’s a drive for greater equality and transparency

Against a backdrop of low productivity and low employee trust I think that getting reward right and future-proofing it is critical.

Reward is everywhere

Of the 10 HR trends identified by Deloitte, seven have implications for what or how reward is delivered.

Perhaps you’re redesigning the organisation to create empowered teams and embracing the open talent economy.  Or you’re building your employee experience through culture, inclusion, engagement and performance management. 

You’ll need to include reward in the mix.

HR can no longer leave reward to the specialists and ‘reward’ needs to look beyond spreadsheets.

But when we speak to HR professionals about reward projects, they often say ‘reward isn’t my thing’. But that needn’t be the case.

You’ve told us that traditional reward training is too ‘techy’ for you. You want to find out what’s ‘hot’ in reward, understand the implications for you and have some practical takeaways to help put it into practice.   

So we’ve developed some RewardReady Workshops with you in mind. They help you to:

  • develop your understanding of reward principles
  • think about reward differently and
  • challenge how reward can help you deliver your future organisation,

There’s two so far:

Foundation: for HR and reward professionals looking to update their core reward knowledge and deliver robust reward foundations that employees trust.

Strategic: for those looking to bring fresh thinking to their role and develop a progressive and future-proof reward strategy.

Each workshop is stand alone; you don't need to do them both.  But they give a really good overview if you do. 

If you’d like to find out more, just click on the link and book a place today.

We’d be delighted if you can join us.


At Verditer we make performance and reward more effective.  Do get in touch to talk to us about your reward challenges or our workshops.   

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Image adapted from Stage Door by Christian Hellman