Reward Ready Workshops

Developing reward capabiity for HR, ready for a changing world.

As the world of work evolves, reward that attracts talent and drives the right behaviors is essential.  That’s why being ‘reward ready’ is critical for HR professionals, not just compensation & benefits specialists.

Our one-day courses cover the reward trends, challenges and decisions that you are grappling with, right now. 

What’s different about our workshops?

  • We cover the hot topics.  As reward experts, we’re talking reward day in and day out so we know what’s important to you, what’s new, and what’s on the horizon.
  • We focus on practical steps.  What we cover isn’t too ‘techy’, it’s more about useful approaches that work well, than dry theories and spreadsheets.
  • We provide a succinct overview.  We’ve refined a huge amount of information into a clear and straightforward overview of what you really need to know.

What will you learn?

We currently have two core workshops:

Foundation: aimed at HR and reward professionals looking to update their core reward knowledge and deliver robust reward foundations that employees trust.

Strategic: aimed at HR and reward professionals looking to bring fresh thinking to their role and develop a progressive and future-proof reward strategy.

See our events page for dates, locations and further details.