Performance management strategy

Establish a year-round approach to performance management that aligns with your culture and reward principles. 

In any business, clarity of expectations and real-time feedback drive engagement and performance.  But, for many the performance management process is a time-consuming process and does not add value. 

Adopting a new approach to performance management is an exciting opportunity.  However, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution and adopting what works well elsewhere is not the answer.  Through our diagnostic process we work with you to align performance management to the unique needs of your organisation.

Our PM Diagnostic is a trusted process.  We take time to understand your business, aspirations for change, and impact of current approach.  We do this through data analysis, employee focus groups and stakeholder interviews.  We then share current external thinking before establishing the right approach for you.  An advantage of working with us is we are also specialists in reward so can provide expertise on both in an integrated way.

The output is a set of guiding principles and practical recommendations to transform performance management.

Typical client activities:

  • Conducting a light-touch PM Diagnostic to support the HR team
  • Conducting a PM Diagnostic involving employees and senior stakeholders
  • Reviewing your existing reward systems in light of your new performance management strategy

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Our feedback 

Ricoh by Lena Russell

We are pleased to partner with Verditer to explore how performance is managed and rewarded in Ricoh to create a high performance and service-led organisation.  As experts in both performance management and reward they ensure both aspects are in tune with each other, and aligned to a coaching culture.  The session with the executive team was insightful and thought-provoking, giving us clear opportunities for change going forward.

Lena Russell, Head of Engagement and Projects, Ricoh UK Ltd

Carlsberg by Nick Court

Performance management is a subject that causes so much debate and differing opinions, but Sam and Julia delivered the way that Verditer see this in a balanced and thought provoking manner that cut through the noise and left you with the facts you need to know to take this forward.

Nick Court, Reward and Benefits, Carlsberg UK