Workshops that develop reward capability for HR, ready for a changing world.

As the world of work evolves, reward that attracts talent and drives the right behaviours is essential.  That’s why being ‘reward ready’ is critical for HR professionals, not just compensation and benefits specialists.

Our virtual reward management courses are held over two half day sessions and cover the trends, challenges and decisions that you are grappling with, right now. 

What’s different about our workshops?

  • We cover the hot topics.  As reward experts, we’re talking reward day in and day out so we know what’s important to you, what’s new, and what’s on the horizon.
  • We focus on practical steps.  What we cover isn’t too ‘techy’, it’s more about useful approaches that work well, than dry theories and spreadsheets.
  • We provide a succinct overview.  We’ve refined a huge amount of information into a clear and straightforward overview of what you really need to know.

We currently have three core workshops:

Update your reward knowledge and bring fresh thinking to your approach.

Design affordable bonus schemes that drive the desired behaviour and motivate employees.

Develop your executive pay and Remuneration Committee expertise.

Our feedback

Louise Clough, Head of Policy & Planning, Northgate plc

Thank you so much for a really amazing day – the RewardReady workshop was the first proper course I’ve been on for a while and it’s so easy to forget how enjoyable they are. Learning is so empowering!

Louise Clough, Head of Policy & Planning, Northgate plc

Tim Casserley, Global HR Director

Learning about Reward has never been my favourite thing to do, largely because it is more often delivered by reward experts who are used to talking to other reward experts in a rather dry and uncompromising manner. Attending your workshop was a very different experience for me as it made connections to the overall HR eco-system and socio-economic context and helped me to make much needed connections.

Tim Casserley, Global HR Director