RewardReady™ Bonus Workshop

Design affordable bonus schemes that drive the desired behaviour and motivate employees.

Why attend our Bonus workshop?

We believe that reward isn't solely for compensation & benefits specialists, and is increasingly becoming part of every HR professional’s role.  That includes knowing how to design, or update, bonus or incentive plans.

In our bonus workshop you will:

  1. explore what makes an effective bonus or incentive
  2. identify the key design decisions and the implications of different approaches
  3. understand the steps to take to achieve the best outcome
  4. take away templates for bonus rules and communications

As reward experts, we can advise you on how to design a bonus that meets the needs of your employees and business. We focus on practical steps and provide a succinct overview of what you really need to know.

Who should attend?

Aimed at HR and reward professionals responsible for reviewing, or designing, bonus plans.

What’s covered?

Key topics include:

  • Role of variable pay in reward strategy
  • Performance pay pro and cons
  • Different types of bonus
  • What makes an effective bonus
  • Bonus design process
  • Strategic design decisions
  • Typical bonus frameworks
  • Getting the metrics right
  • Getting the mechanics right
  • Writing the rules
  • Motivating communications
  • Long-term incentives

How to book

See our blog page for dates and locations, and to book. 

You may also be interested in our Foundation and Strategic Workshops.  They give a really good overview of a broad range of reward topics.