RewardReady™ HR Workshop

Update your reward knowledge and deliver robust reward HR that employees trust.

Why attend our HR workshop?

We believe that reward isn't solely for compensation & benefits specialists, the world is changing so it's more important than ever across HR.

In our HR workshop you will:

  1. gain an overview of the current hot topics and regulations
  2. be able to explain the key decisions required to set the right reward strategy
  3. understand the different approaches, and recent innovations, in core reward areas
  4. know the steps to take to implement fair and trusted reward HR

Who should attend?

Aimed at HR and reward professionals responsible for pay and reward.

What’s covered?

Key topic covered include:

  • Changing world of work
  • Equal pay & gender pay reporting
  • Reward strategy
  • Job evaluation & grading structures
  • Pay benchmarking
  • Performance pay
  • Pay structures
  • Recognition
  • Bonus

As reward experts, we provide you with useful approaches that work well, rather than dry theories and spreadsheets. We focus on practical steps and provide a succinct overview of what you really need to know.

How to book

See our blog page for dates and locations, and to book.

You may also be interested in our Strategic Workshop.  As our workshops are stand alone, you don't need to do them both. But they give a really good overview if you do.  

Our feedback 

Edel McGrath, Chief Operating Officer, Chelsea Apps Factory

My Head of HR came back from RewardReady all fired up, said it was the best workshop she has ever been to….  It was on time, organised, focussed and you really knew your stuff.  She told me she wants to attend the strategic one in March and if we don’t signed it off, she is paying for it herself!  Thank you.

Chief Operating Officer, Technology Sector

Ester Wells, Head of HR, Chelsea Apps Factory

My sincerest thanks for organising and running such a resourceful workshop! I can honestly say, it's rare, remarkable and refreshing to see such enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters.  I gained an in-depth understanding of how to design my reward strategy, what the most modern tools available to me are, and how to best build my business case for senior management's buy-in.  Reward Ready was very well designed, easy to understand and provided many good examples for each section. 

Ester Wells, Head of HR, Chelsea Apps Factory