RewardReady™ for HR

Update your reward knowledge and bring fresh thinking to your approach.

Why attend our HR workshop?

We believe that reward isn't solely for compensation & benefits specialists, the world is changing so it's more important than ever across HR.

This virtual workshop is our blend of our previous HR and Strategic Workshops and you will:

  1. gain an overview of the current hot topics and regulations
  2. understand how to create a reward strategy that drives value for your business
  3. explore different approaches to pay and reward
  4. diagnose the health of your reward foundations and identify actions required
  5. establish practical steps needed to implement fair and trusted reward

As hands-on experts, we can help you tailor reward to meet the needs of your employees and business.  We provide a succinct overview of what you really need to know and focus on practical steps that we’ve seen work well. 

The workshop is about progressive reward rather than old theories and complex spreadsheets.

Who should attend?

Aimed at HR and reward professionals responsible for reward strategy and implementation.

What’s covered?

Key topic covered include:

  • Progressive HR and reward
  • Key regulations
  • Gender, ethnicity and CEO pay gap reporting
  • Sustainable reward
  • Post-pandemic reward
  • Reward strategy
  • Job evaluation and internal levels
  • Pay benchmarking and structures
  • Performance pay
  • Bonus and incentives
  • Differentiating your EVP
  • Recognition
  • Benefits

Upcoming RewardReady HR Workshops:

You can use our Contact Form to register your interest for our next RewardReady™ course here.  

Our feedback 

Ester Wells, Head of HR, Chelsea Apps Factory

My sincerest thanks for organising and running such a resourceful workshop! I can honestly say, it's rare, remarkable and refreshing to see such enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters.  I gained an in-depth understanding of how to design my reward strategy, what the most modern tools available to me are, and how to best build my business case for senior management's buy-in.  Reward Ready was very well designed, easy to understand and provided many good examples for each section. 

Ester Wells, Head of HR, Chelsea Apps Factory

Louise Clough, Head of Policy & Planning, Northgate plc

Thank you so much for a really amazing day – the RewardReady workshop was the first proper course I’ve been on for a while and it’s so easy to forget how enjoyable they are. Learning is so empowering!

Louise Clough, Head of Policy & Planning, Northgate plc