RewardReady™ for RemCo

Develop your executive pay and Remuneration Committee expertise.

Why attend our RemCo workshop?

As new regulations widen the remit of the Remuneration Committee and promote the voice of the workforce, it is critical for HR and reward professionals (and RemCo members that understand HR and reward) to impact the debate in a meaningful way.

In our virtual RemCo workshop you will:

  1. gain an overview of the executive pay landscape and regulations
  2. understand how the Remuneration Committee operates
  3. explore how to effectively design executive pay and incentives
  4. establish how to engage with the workforce and align executive/employee pay
  5. consider practical steps needed to implement effective executive remuneration

As reward experts with hands-on executive remuneration experience, we can help you with practical advice and guidance, and a succinct overview of what you really need to know. 

This workshop is about understanding and contributing to the executive pay debate, not about complex formulas and detailed design.

Who should attend?

Aimed at HR and reward professionals who are new to executive pay, and also Remuneration Committee members looking to develop their expertise.

What’s covered?

Key topic covered include:

  • The executive pay landscape
  • The board and Remuneration Committee
  • Corporate governance regulations
  • Gender, ethnicity and CEO pay gap reporting
  • Engaging and aligning with the workforce
  • Impact of the pandemic
  • Sustainable reward
  • Reward strategy
  • Executive pay benchmarking
  • Short term bonus
  • Long term incentives
  • Executive benefits

Upcoming RewardReady RemCo Workshops:

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Our feedback 

Institute of Physics By Julian Jones

I should first say how valuable and decisive your advice has been over the last year, in modernising the pay structure for (our organisation).  Certainly I would have found my task as Chair of the Remuneration Committee very difficult without your input.  I think it almost certain that we shall want to call on your advice on frequent occasions in the future.

JJ, Chairman of Remuneration Committee (NED), Academic Institute