Pay foundations for a spectacular transformation

Verditer supported Development Initiatives to create a reward strategy and clear pay framework for executives and employees.

Development Initiatives (DI) is an international not-for-profit organisation focusing on the role of data in eradicating poverty and driving sustainable development.

A new CEO, and transformation plan, aim to take the organisation from good to spectacular over the coming ten years. Part of this requires strong foundations to support people processes, and this includes pay setting.   

“We didn’t have the specialist reward expertise, or the manpower needed, in house. Verditer are small enough to provide a personal touch, yet have a team of experts to call upon.”

Verditer were engaged to work with DI to agree a reward strategy with clear guiding principles.    Following this, pay was reviewed for the executive team, and a pay structure was developed and implemented for employees.   

“Verditer are a trusted partner. They guided our decisions, and helped navigate us through the project.  We wanted someone who would listen, provide a steer and push back when necessary.  Sam is calm and confident and got us straight away.  She has a wealth of knowledge yet made us feel comfortable to ask any questions, no matter how basic.”

The previous approach to pay was very complex and open to challenge from employees. The new pay structure is very straightforward and informed by robust benchmarking from two premium surveys.

“I feel confident we now have something fair and transparent in place. When employees ask about pay, we can clearly explain the process and justify our decisions. I can say hand on heart that we really have done this properly.” 

By creating a clear and simple structure with guiding principles, managers have the autonomy, flexibility and tools to make and communicate robust pay decisions.     

“This has been transformational for HR. We now have the management tools to ensure that pay decisions sit firmly with the line and have a solid structure that will support the organisation as it grows.” 


At Verditer we make reward and pay structures more effective.