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Obtain reliable market data and create pay structures to guide fair and transparent pay decisions

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Pay benchmarking

Robust pay benchmarking leads to informed, fair and consistent decisions. Historic anomalies can be addressed, pay structures can be developed and budgets can be spent wisely.

We support the pay benchmarking process by working with you to identify a reliable and valid data source, accurately matching your roles and analysing the data. We then guide you through the key decisions and carry out the analytical, design and costing work required to develop a pay structure.

With clear pay progression principles, employees will understand how pay is set and responsibility for reward decisions can then be devolved to line managers if desired.

Career levels

Determine the size of roles in a systematic and credible way to create clear internal levels and simplify pay benchmarking.

Our approach to job evaluation is agile and straightforward. Informed and consistent decisions about the size of roles provides a foundation for many HR activities. Doing so in an open way helps employees understand how decisions are made and what they need to do to progress.

We work with you to create a bespoke job classification framework. This is built on tailored factors that break roles down into their component parts to create an analytical scheme required for equal pay protection.

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    Salary surveys combine data from many organisations to establish a market rates for roles. They are used to ensure pay and bonus levels are reasonable, commercial and competitive.

    A reliable salary survey will use data collated from employers, rather than self-reported by individuals, and based on a robust matching methodology rather than job titles alone.

    Job classification is a type of job evaluation that is light touch and can be openly shared with employees. It is based on broad levels, factors and descriptors.

    A pay structure is designed by combining raw pay benchmarking data into a format that is more easily used. Often based on job families with clear pay progression principles.


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    “We worked with Verditer to develop an entirely new approach to pay. Our complex structure includes charity and commercial companies, and Verditer fully understood this and gave us real confidence in the outcomes. A pleasure to work with, Verditer gave us a new pay system we can confidently introduce to the organisation.”

    Nicola Spencer, Group Resources Director

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    “Our new career wheel, with clear levels and factors gives us a framework for decision making and more equity around reward, while allowing us to empower managers and retain the agility needed in our business.”

    Jo Gallagher, People Partner

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