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Structure motivating executive compensation in line with regulatory requirements and long term value creation

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Executive pay and bonus

Director remuneration is increasingly in the spotlight and subject to regulatory control. The responsibility for getting decisions right is immense.

We work with you to ensure all elements of the executive package have a clear purpose and are well designed.

Our executive pay benchmarking reports provide insight to help decision makers interpret market data in the context of what is happening in the executive reward arena.

Whether cash or share based, or operating over the short, mid or long term, variable pay is a significant aspect of the executive package. We create bonus schemes and LTIPs that align reward with performance and sustainable value creation, are affordable and attract and motivate the talent required.

Remuneration Committee training

Maximise the effectiveness of Remuneration Committee members through bespoke training and 1×1 coaching.

Being a member of a Remuneration Committee brings many responsibilities and requires a sound understanding of the technical aspects of reward and associated regulatory requirements. However, for many members this is not a particular area of expertise.

As experienced advisers in executive reward, we can provide training and coaching to support your understanding of reward and maximise the effectiveness of committee members.

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    Salary benchmarking data should be considered alongside organisational performance, the experience and performance of the executive, and pay across the wider organisation.

    The Remuneration Committee consists of non-executive directors who bring expertise, governance and oversight to executive pay and wider compensation policies.

    LTIPs are variable reward plans, often share-based, that reward achievement of organisational long-term goals. They are often for executives and select employees only.

    Yes, an LTIP can deliver rewards in cash instead of shares.


    We are particularly proud of
    our client feedback

    “We’ve had great feedback on the bonus review. Verditer’s help in scoping what is feasible for a cash-based LTIP meant we could explore the options, have confidence in our decision, and means we have what we need to go forward.”

    Kay Lejeune, Director of People and Culture

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    “Verditer’s Remco coaching has been superb. As a new Remco chair, I’ve found Sam and Julia’s guidance invaluable. They not only shared their extensive expertise and insights into good practice but tailored this to my sector and helped me think through how this applied in my organisation”

    Sharon Darcy, Chair of the Remuneration Committee

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