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Design affordable bonus, incentive and sales commission schemes that reward behaviours aligned to your strategy

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Design affordable bonus, incentive and sales commission schemes that reward performance and behaviours in line with your strategy.

Variable reward schemes are often more affordable than fixed pay as the budget required increases and decreases in line with business performance. It also means you can give more to those who contribute more which can increase perceptions of fairness.

We are established experts in good bonus, incentive and sales commission design. We guide you through a process of decision-making to ensure any variable pay scheme is based on strong performance metrics that align to business goals, and are structured in a clear, transparent and understandable way. That way any money spent has impact on participants and the bottom line.

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    A bonus links reward to the success of the company, team or individual. It’s an opportunity to vary costs in line with affordability, share success, and influence behaviours.

    A good bonus is clear and understandable. It has realistic targets, pay-outs that reflect the effort required, and a clear line of sight between performance and potential reward.

    A well-designed bonus plan can motivate employees as long as it aligns well with the culture and is seen to be fair.

    A bonus often rewards company or individual performance annually. An incentive tends to be a more frequent motivating tool that rewards effort in specific areas, often used in sales.


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    “We now have a unique reward proposition that aligns with our strategic goals. We are really pleased with where we have ended up and would highly recommend Verditer.”

    Eleanor Tanner, Director of People

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    “We searched a long time for the right consultants to support our European sales bonus review. Verditer has very much impressed us and exceeded our expectations. Their work has been the catalyst to a robust and competitive approach to sales reward. We would choose Verditer again at any time.”

    Rupert Kammerich, Commercial Director

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