Six arguments for executive pay

Sam in HR Zone
Paper Money by Kevin Dooley to represent Pay

In the midst of press coverage about the excesses of executive pay, Sam looks for the counter-arguments.  Is there another side to the debate that is in support of the growth in executive pay to where it is today?

As organisations become more complex, and the top jobs get harder, we need to compete for talent and ensure our best companies are run by brilliant people.  There is no denying there is more to be done to align executive pay with long-term value and ensure exceptional packages are not awarded where they are unwarranted.  But we will need exceptional packages for our best business leaders.  To deny this could put our top companies at risk and impact wider society in far less positive way than expected.

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At Verditer we work with clients to conduct executive pay benchmarking and ensure all elements of executive package have a clear purpose and are well designed.

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Photo: Paper Money by Kevin Dooley.