WEBINAR: Pay Equity

The path to fair pay
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We’re really looking to joining Curo Compensation  for another of their popular ‘Webinar and Fireside Chat’ sessions. 

The hot topic this time is “Grouping Employees for Pay Equity Analysis”.

Today, workers have high expectations of fair pay. Driven by awareness of emerging legislation, social movements and the availability of salary data, employees expect an equitable deal. This it’s a priority to pay employees fairly and consistently - without discrimination against protected characteristics. This is where pay equity analysis comes in.

Alongside Jen Peacock, who is a reward specialist and blogger over in the US, we’ll be discussing:

  • How to group employees performing equal or substantially similar work for review
  • How the legal context is evolving in regard to “comparable” or “substantially similar” work versus “equal work”
  • How job descriptions fit into the narrative
  • What permitted characteristics can be used to group employees into cohorts
  • The relevance of appropriate pay grades

The webinar is being held at 3pm on Thursday 29th April.

Register here if you’d like to join us