Ten reasons to come to Verditer for pay gap reporting

13th April 2023

Staff member Samantha

Samantha Gee

How we can help

Having just passed the snapshot date for gender pay gap reporting you may be gearing up to calculate and publish your April 2023 figures.

Those truly committed to the process and using it as an opportunity to take action will be doing their figures early in the reporting year and grasping this opportunity to share your story and what you are doing about it.  So I thought I’d share how we at Verditer can help:

  1. Timing – we can run your analysis as soon as your April payroll is available giving you time to communicate internally, publish ahead of competitors, and make progress on some of the actions needed before the next set of figures are due in April 2024
  2. Analysis – our analysis not only includes the regulatory figures but additional analysis to enable you to understand what is driving any pay gaps and help inform your action plan
  3. Other protected characteristics – we can run pay gap analysis as required e.g., ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, black heritage, and social mobility.  If the data is not available, we can advise on how to collect for future analysis,  
  4. Intersectional analysis – where data is available, we can review pay gaps for more than one minority group (e.g., ethnic minority men compared to white men, black women, and white women).  There’s lot of evidence that pay gaps are inter-related and really affecting those in more than one minority group
  5. Voluntary reporting – we know how to do the trickier voluntary reporting.  For example partnerships where ‘total cash’ reporting provides a fully (and more honest I’d say) picture of your pay gap, or global pay gaps using weighted averages so that currencies and cost of living don’t skew things
  6. Competitor analysis – as standard we collate the figures (both reported and from voluntary narratives) for an agreed group of competitors to help you put your figures into context
  7. Action plan – we facilitate workshop to explore the analysis, discuss actions and goals, and integrate these into your D&I action plan
  8. Narrative – we can prepare a draft voluntary narrative on your behalf to publish alongside your figures.  This is the opportunity to provide additional context and the ‘story’ behind the numbers
  9. CEO pay ratios – we do this too and can guide your choice of the four calculation options and to inform commentary for your Director’s Remuneration Report
  10. Ease – we just take the pain away!  We’ve done so many, know how to do it well, and can make the whole process really easy for you

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How we can help

Do get in touch if you’d like help with your pay gap calculations or narrative.

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