Verditer - for more than one day

(or the trials of choosing a company name)
Verditer Flycatcher by Ganesh Subramanian

I noticed the smile.  I’d just resigned, ‘to start a reward consultancy of my own, you see’.   Once we’d got through the formalities she asked if we’d thought of a name yet.  That’s when she smiled, a knowing smile.  Because she knew. 

Choosing a name for a new company is hard. 

It’s important but also time critical.  Not like naming a child where you get a nine month lead time.  You have to do it now.  Almost everything else needed for a start-up requires this one thing.  The company name.  Oh, and the possibilities are infinite.  Gone are the days where you had to ‘say it on the tin’, or strive to be first in the alphabet (A1 Consulting?).  It’s all about Google searches now.

We weren’t short on advice.  ‘Try the neat apps that throw words together’.  Purple Penguin?  Really?  ‘Keep it short, ideally five letters’.  For a day we were Phalo Consulting until we checked Google images.  ‘Make sure you spell it like you say it’.  The next day we were Aubusson Consulting but that’s too easily Orbison.  ‘Check out who else shares the name’.  Although we thought Latin translations were perfect names, it seems so does everyone else.  Especially consultants.  Then came Greek names, artists, poets, family names, place names, colours….

Ah colours, we liked that.  Verditer was an early contender.  Can be either a green or blue pigment - a foundation from which amazing things can be created.  Good colours for business.  And as there were two of us setting the company up, it reflected our complimentary skills and styles.

If I’m completely honest, I wanted Verditer as I just love the images the search engine brings up.  The vibrant colours were what it took to convince me in the end. 

And the bird image with this blog?  It’s a Verditer Flycatcher.

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Photo courtesey of Ganesh Subramanian.