Engineering gender pay gap research has landed

Publication and launch event
Closing the engineering gender pay gap

The research that we’ve been working on with the Royal Academy of Engineering and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) was launched at a packed-out event this week.

It was standing room only as employers, universities and business associations heard Victoria Atkins MP (Minister for Women) and Professor Sarah Hainsworth speak about the importance of closing the gap and addressing the skills gap in engineering.

Jonathan Lyle from the Royal Academy’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Helen Wollaston from WISE then presented the research findings. The report includes quantifying the engineering gender pay gap, research from focus groups and suggested actions to help employers, HR and engineers close the gap.

The key findings were:

  • The pay gap for engineers (10.8% mean & 11.4% median) is smaller than the UK average
  • The main cause of the gap is under representation of women at the most senior roles
  • Transparency of promotions and pay structures is key to addressing the gap
  • The gap starts at entry-level to the profession

We’re proud to have been involved in the project by conducting the quantitative analysis and shared some of our insights from the data analysis at the event too. We hosted an afternoon workshop on how embracing data, taking small actions and tightening up on your reward practices can have an impact on gender pay figures.

A big thank you to our clients who participated in the research, we and our partners appreciate your support. It was lovely to see some of you yesterday.

Even if you haven’t been involved, you can access the Royal Academy’s report and our full analysis on the Royal Academy’s website.

At Verditer we make performance and reward more effective.  Do get in touch if you’d like help with your gender pay gap calculations or narrative.

Image from the Royal Academy of Engineering