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Shareholders and stakeholders: a complex relationship
Does the focus on shareholders hinder wealth equality? or should business have a greater focus on profit?
01st February 2022 by Julia Hanna
Sam looks at what fair pay means for hybrid working
01st February 2022 by Samantha Gee
A mixed picture for pay in 2022  - Pay and reward
Julia looks at the factors impacting pay budgets for next year
10th November 2021 by Julia Hanna
Italy3025PaintBoat by Dennis Jarvis
Julia considers the impact of Covid on survey data
13th July 2021 by Julia Hanna
Listen to the recording of the recent Curo Compensation webinar where Julia shared why looking beyond like work is important
10th May 2021 by Julia Hanna
Curo compensation logo
Join our free webinar on 29 April where we are joining Curo Compensation to explore pay equity analysis and grouping employees.
27th April 2021 by Julia Hanna
The government has announced changes to the GPG enforcement rules, but is it the right thing to do?
01st March 2021 by Julia Hanna
Julia provides a quick round up of some of the published pay prediction data.
23rd February 2021 by Julia Hanna
With businesses making plans for a remote-based workforce, questions about location-related pay weightings are starting to rise. Sam’s article for REBA looks at the options and considerations that organisations could review.
27th January 2021 by Verditer
top 10 blog posts of 2020
2020 was certainly interesting for us all. Each year we highlight our most popular blog posts and this year, unsurprisingly, posts relating to COVID made up our most visited articles. But also a few older posts made the top 10, proving popular reads during 2020.
05th January 2021 by Verditer
Pay Transparency - The Transition from Aspiration to Reality
We recently joined Curo Compensation to discuss pay transparency in the UK and US and the on-demand recording is now available.
25th November 2020 by Samantha Gee
Ensuring company bonus plans are effective so exceptional employees are rewarded regardless of whether it is a good, or poor, performance year.
07th September 2020 by Samantha Gee
The private sector are predicting a below inflation 0.8% pay increase for the coming year. Sam’s latest blog suggests four ways to make that money work hard for you.
24th August 2020 by Samantha Gee
RewardReady HR Workshop
Join us for this virtual workshop over two consecutive afternoons to update your reward knowledge and bring fresh thinking to your approach.
09th August 2020 by Verditer
Verditer RewardReady Bonus Workshop
Join us for this virtual workshop over two consecutive afternoons to learn how to design affordable bonus schemes that drive the desired behaviour and motivate employees.
07th August 2020 by Verditer
RewardReady RemCo Workshop
Join us for this virtual workshop over two consecutive afternoons and develop your executive pay and Remuneration Committee expertise.
07th August 2020 by Verditer
Ethnicity pay reporting
Don’t under-estimate the time and effort needed to prepare.
18th June 2020 by Julia Hanna
The morality of furlough
Here’s our take on the emotion surrounding 'tycoons' furloughing staff
14th May 2020 by Julia Hanna
Reward responses to COVID
Unsure of how to respond to COVID-19 from a reward perspective? We share the most useful research we’ve seen so far.
12th May 2020 by Verditer
Brush up on your reward knowledge
If reward isn’t your thing, boost your knowledge by taking a look at our series of Reward Quarter blogs or go further by pre-registering for our workshops.
15th April 2020 by Julia Hanna
Executive pay in unprecedented times
Now more than ever RemCo.s need to be attuned to the whole organisation
09th April 2020 by Julia Hanna
2019/2020 Gender pay gap reporting suspended
Announcement from the Government Equalities Office and the EHRC
25th March 2020 by Julia Hanna
Closing the engineering gender pay gap
The research that we’ve been working on with the Royal Academy of Engineering and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) was launched at a packed-out event this week.
30th January 2020 by Julia Hanna
Our top 10 of 2019
2019 has been busy for our clients, and us too! Each year we take a look back at which of our blogs attracted most interested. It’s good to see that our two most popular blogs from 2019 both look at the gender pay gap, reflecting the high profile nature of this serious issue.
13th December 2019 by Verditer
Our partners at Big Fish D&I Academy have launched their programme for 2020 which may be of interest to those with D&I (diversity & inclusion) and gender pay gap responsibilities and interests.
12th December 2019 by Verditer
Engineering gender pay gap research to be published shortly
For the past few months we’ve been working with the Royal Academy of Engineering and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), supported by a number of employers, to identify the engineering pay gap. That is, to quantify the gap within the technical roles regardless of employer.
12th December 2019 by Julia Hanna
The gender pay gap is almost zero…for some
New ONS data shows the gender pay gap is decreasing for most age groups. It’s almost zero for full time employees aged between 18 and 39. So why is it still 17% overall?
31st October 2019 by Julia Hanna
CIPD Podcast
All listed companies in the UK with more than 250 people must now report the ratio between their CEO pay and the median pay of their employees. Julia joins Charles Cotton and Prof. Sandy Pepper to discuss whether it will make much difference to the widening gap, and, whether big, complex reward packages are much of a motivator anyway…
07th August 2019 by Julia Hanna
Women and Work: Is the Tide Turning?
Julia reviews two new publications on the changing workplace
10th July 2019 by Julia Hanna
2nd Gender Pay Gap Reporting Conference for Employers: Gender - Ethnicity – Disability
Join us at the Business Forums International (BFI) conference we’ll be presenting a case study about Real Lessons Learnt So Far
26th June 2019 by Verditer
Five reasons for transparent pay
There’s plenty of evidence to support having a transparent approach to pay. Sam discusses why sharing your pay strategy, principles and frameworks are a good idea.
18th June 2019 by Samantha Gee
The challenges of gender pay reporting – six areas of focus
Sam discusses the challenges we are facing three years into this regulatory change and how we should approach the data.
26th April 2019 by Samantha Gee
Hat’s off to Engineering leading the way on gender pay
How we're working on research for the sector
09th April 2019 by Julia Hanna
Coffee and comp with Curo - Pay Equality
Sam and Julia will be guest speakers at Curo's Pay Equality breakfast session
04th April 2019 by Verditer
No. 3 Pay Benchmarking
In the third of our Reward Quarter series, Julia considers pay benchmarking...
08th February 2019 by Julia Hanna
Supermarket pay - probably defendable, but morally right?
Asda is the latest supermarket to hit the news having lost at the Court of Appeal last week on the issue of whether shop floor workers can compare the value of their work with warehouse operatives.
05th February 2019 by Samantha Gee
Verditers Top 10 Blogs of 2018
We were busier than ever in 2018; supporting all types of employers with a range of reward challenges. Our most popular blogs of last year reflect the variety of ways that HR is making a difference through reward.
30th January 2019 by Verditer
Bold goals for reward strategy
This new year blog is all about pay and how it's time to be braver in our ambition and deliver on some bigger social and business issues
29th January 2019 by Samantha Gee
Reward without ratings?  A choice of three.
Many companies are turning away from appraisal ratings, but how can we reward performance without them?
13th November 2018 by Samantha Gee
Employee Benefits: Julia talks Christmas and festive rewards for your staff
Julia talks to Employee Benefits about the options you have when it comes to festive staff rewards.
07th November 2018 by Julia Hanna
Transparency: driving the wind of change
Julia discusses the complexity and commitment needed for ethnicity pay reporting
26th October 2018 by Julia Hanna
Four-day work week
Does it work? Our guest blogger Susan Palmer talks through the benefits for both companies and workers alike.
22nd October 2018 by Susan Palmer
People Management: Sam talks salary sacrifice one year on
Sam talks to People Management about how changes in salary sacrifice have affected reward
16th October 2018 by Verditer
Verditer to deliver CIPD reward courses
We’re really excited to be working with the CIPD to deliver some of their short courses in reward
20th September 2018 by Verditer
Is parental leave on your gender pay action plan?
With around only 2% of couples taking up shared parental leave, Sam discusses how employers have a role to play in making childcare equal and in turn reducing the gender pay gap.
16th August 2018 by Samantha Gee
Julia reviews the key points of the new Corporate Governance Code and the opportunities for HR
19th July 2018 by Julia Hanna
Event: E-reward annual conference for compensation & benefit leaders
Join us at the E-reward annual conference in November where we’ll be presenting a case study about transforming pay.
16th July 2018 by Verditer
WEBINAR Recording Now Live managing ratings and reward in a post-appraisal world
Over 600 people signed up to our last webinar. If you missed it, a recording is now live.
16th July 2018 by Verditer
Ten things you need to know about Executive pay ratios
Sam discusses what you need to know when it comes to executive pay ratios.
12th June 2018 by Samantha Gee
WEBINAR: managing ratings and reward in a post-appraisal world
Join Sam and Clear Review CEO Stuart Hearn on 11th July for a free webinar.
11th June 2018 by Verditer
Coffee and comp with Curo
Sam and Julia will be guest speakers at Curo's Gender Pay Gap breakfast session
16th April 2018 by Verditer
More authentic gender pay please
Sam’s latest blog is a plea for more honesty and less PR when it comes to gender pay reporting.
19th March 2018 by Samantha Gee
Employee Benefits Magazine: Financial fitness is a win-win
Julia talks to Employee Benefits Magazine about how employers can support financial well being
26th February 2018 by Julia Hanna
10 more great gender pay gap narratives
With only 2 ½ months to go before the first reporting deadline Julia's taken another look at the narratives on the government website.
18th January 2018 by Julia Hanna
Are you reward ready for 2018?
In the usual ‘new year’ fashion, here’s my thoughts on what’s on the horizon for reward in the year ahead.
08th January 2018 by Samantha Gee
If you want to get ahead; get reward
The expression used to be if you want to get ahead, get a hat. In HR now, to get ahead you need to ‘get reward’.
04th January 2018 by Julia Hanna
Our top 10 of 2017
2017 has been an exciting year for pay and reward.
22nd December 2017 by Verditer
Why reward is centre stage for HR
It’s no longer just for specialists
13th December 2017 by Julia Hanna
Everyone wants to be a star to show gender diversity and equal pay
Ten of the best to date, plus how others are getting it wrong.
10th October 2017 by Samantha Gee
Pay: a new perspective for employee engagement.
The findings are clear. The top opportunity for driving employee engagement right now is reward.
03rd October 2017 by Samantha Gee
Reward Quarter No. 2: Job Evaluation
In the second of our Reward Quarter series, Julia considers job evaluation...
31st August 2017 by Julia Hanna
Employee Benefits logo
Julia talks with Employee Benefits Magazine on aligning employee and organisational values
07th August 2017 by Julia Hanna
French quarter in New Orleans
Sam introduces the first blog of our new Reward Quarter series, exploring reward strategy.
11th July 2017 by Samantha Gee
Has Executive Pay finally had a makeover?
Julia assesses the trends for executive compensation.
11th July 2017 by Julia Hanna
The gig economy retuning reward
Julia considers the impact of the changing shape of work on reward….
26th June 2017 by Julia Hanna
Do your reward communications cut the mustard?
Julia shares insights from an ad executive...
31st May 2017 by Julia Hanna
Balloons to represent inflation and pay increases
Sam considers why cost of living pay increases just don't work.
03rd April 2017 by Samantha Gee
Wonderwoman to show gender parity and pay equality
Our top 10 of really useful resources about gender pay gap reporting.
30th March 2017 by Samantha Gee
Photo showing choice for future direction of reward
The recently published REBA/JLT New Model Reward Report explores how legislative, economic and societal changes will shape reward strategies over the next 10 years.
28th March 2017 by Samantha Gee
Conflicting drivers and needs are propelling the need for a fresh approach
21st February 2017 by Julia Hanna
Verditer Video Screen Shot
We're pleased to launch our short video on how we create pay foundations for clients.
09th February 2017 by Verditer
Mind the gap
Following the successful December event, we are again partnering with True North to explore the gender pay gap and its impact on talent attraction strategies. Join us on 14 March.
07th February 2017 by Verditer
The times logo
Sam talks to the Times/Raconteur in their special report on Talent Management.
31st January 2017 by Samantha Gee
Strategy paper being read to show Reward ready
Following our popular ‘Reward Ready for 2016’, we take a look at what’s in store for reward in 2017.
16th January 2017 by Samantha Gee
Gap in the bridge by Ewen Robets
Julia updates our synopsis of the reporting requirements now that the regulations have been published
10th January 2017 by Julia Hanna
2016 certainly wasn't dull on the reward front, our top 10 blogs show what's top of everyone's lists
19th December 2016 by Verditer
Karate kick at sunrise
Julia considers whether proposed regulations will bring real change
19th December 2016 by Julia Hanna
Cut your gender pay gap
Why reducing your gender pay gap should be an important area of focus.
28th November 2016 by Samantha Gee
London Skyline
Join us on 7 December when we partner with True North Analytics to explore the gender pay gap and its impact on attraction strategies.
17th November 2016 by Verditer
Double-edged sword to show challenges of pay transparency.
Does transparent pay do more damage than good given our inflated perceptions of self-worth?
14th November 2016 by Samantha Gee
CIPD logo
Missed Sam's CPID webinar? Listen to the recording and download the slides
11th October 2016 by Verditer
Dice to show gender pay gap is just a number
A thoughtful approach to the gender pay gap issue
10th October 2016 by Samantha Gee
Gap in the bridge by Ewen Roberts
Julia provides an update on what we know so far about the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations.
05th October 2016 by Julia Hanna
Gender Pay Gap Reporting and Pay Equality
Join us for our November Gender Pay Gap Seminars in partnership with Shoosmiths.
29th September 2016 by Verditer
Collaborate to show benefit of flexible reward
An agile way to access reward expertise as and when you need it.
14th September 2016 by Samantha Gee
Image of snapped pencil
Julia discusses how reward impacted our decision to leave the EU and what we should do now.
22nd August 2016 by Julia Hanna
Sam is presenting on Brexit and reward for the CIPD webinar on 22 September.
12th August 2016 by Verditer
Pay review, National Living Wage, NLW, Gender pay reporting
A blog from Sam that summarises factors to take into account when planning your pay review.
10th August 2016 by Samantha Gee
Rainbow to show pay benchmarking is not a pot of gold
Sam's blog looks at why benchmarking is simply a guide for pay decisions and not the answer
08th August 2016 by Samantha Gee
Adapated from Bells by Warlock D
Julia explores why financial wellbeing should be core to your reward offering
03rd August 2016 by Julia Hanna
Greens and vegatables in store
Julia looks at the implications of new Conservatism on the pay debate
12th July 2016 by Julia Hanna
Breaking Away Brexit
Following the EU Referendum and our decision to leave, we take a look at the potential implications for reward
04th July 2016 by Samantha Gee
Baby in bath water - don't change performance management
Sam's latest blog - what you put in place is more important that what you throw out when it comes to performance management
30th June 2016 by Samantha Gee
Bond University Rugby by Kerrie_
Julia explores what we can learn from the England rugby coach's approach to creating an elite team
23rd June 2016 by Julia Hanna
Hot Foot by Istolethetv
Will consumer campaign groups 'nudge' corporations to make changes?
15th June 2016 by Julia Hanna
Clear bubble
Sam writes for Employee Benefits Magazine on how employers can use reward to improve job satisfaction
15th June 2016 by Samantha Gee
Adapated from Toothpaste by sllp. D Thompson
As employment costs increase, many employers are 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'. How taking a longer term view not a quick fix can help...
07th June 2016 by Julia Hanna
Photo by JD Hancock
Insights from the Equal Pay Event with Curo
31st May 2016 by Julia Hanna
Orange by Alan Cleaver
Julia writes for Employee Benefits Magazine considering the impact employees are having on benefits strategy
25th April 2016 by Julia Hanna
Daffodil by Karen Blaha
As AGM season approaches, Julia looks at the impact of high executive pay
05th April 2016 by Julia Hanna
Pay here by R4VI
We write for Clear Review, the performance management software specialists, on how to manage reward without performance ratings
02nd April 2016 by Samantha Gee
Male female superheros to show pay equality and gender pay
Join us on 19 May for our Equal Pay debate in partnership with Curo Compensation.
01st April 2016 by Verditer
Male and female characters to show equality and Gender pay
Our new service helps you to understand and address your gender pay gap
30th March 2016 by Samantha Gee
Adapated from 5 generations of Royals by Drivethrucafe
Read a synopsis of Julia's EB Connect presentation
30th March 2016 by Julia Hanna
Equality and Gender Parity
Sam's blog shares three good reasons not to delay calculating your gender pay gap.
29th March 2016 by Samantha Gee
Bell Northampton - appraisal and performance management case study
A performance management case study from Bell, a successful luxury retailer with an ambitious growth plan.
03rd March 2016 by Samantha Gee
Scales of Justice to indicate fairness
In this blog Sam explains why 'doing the right thing' in pay affects trust, and so drives engagement.
01st March 2016 by Samantha Gee
Eddie Stobart Ireland, Amelia Grace by Peter Mooney
Julia looks at ways to boost employee financial wellness
19th February 2016 by Julia Hanna
Nettle by Steve P2008
Julia attended the High Pay Centre event "Does high pay really motivate top executives?", here are her takeaways...
18th February 2016 by Julia Hanna
Employee Benefits Connect
Hear Julia present on international benefits for a multigenerational workforce at Employee Benefits Connect on 9 March
17th February 2016 by Julia Hanna
Light in Tunnel to show hope for Performance Management
Sam's top 10 performance management articles.
16th February 2016 by Samantha Gee
Gap in the Bridge by Ewen Roberts
Julia provides a synopsis of the Government draft regulations on Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting
12th February 2016 by Julia Hanna
Blogs Reward Pay Performance Management
We wrote on many and varied topics in 2015, here are our top 10.
14th January 2016 by Verditer
CIPD Performance Management HR
Hear Sam present on performance management at the CIPD Northamptonshire Branch Conference on 2 Feb 2016.
04th January 2016 by Samantha Gee
Executive Pay, Pay Gap, Gender pay gap, pay ratio
Stepping up to disclosure - a synopsis of the High Pay Centre report
15th December 2015 by Julia Hanna
Future pay Reward and performance management
Sam's predictions for reward in 2016 in response to the challenges of a VUCA world.
09th December 2015 by Samantha Gee
Gender pay gap, diversity,
It's coming soon. Are you ready for the analysis or can you go further?
08th December 2015 by Julia Hanna
pay benchmarking, salary benchmarkimg, market data, pay trsuctures, job evaluation
2016 pay decisions will be made against an uncertain outlook so it’s even more important to make informed decisions based upon defendable data
04th December 2015 by Julia Hanna
Athletic feet by Tableanty
Themes from the CIPD conference held on 1st December.
02nd December 2015 by Julia Hanna
Digital Graphics by Steve Johnson
Some key messages from the REBA Innovation Day on 25 November 2015.
27th November 2015 by Samantha Gee
Performance Management Graphic by Inky Thinking
Our HR Game Changers event looked at how to tame performance management. Here's a summary.
21st November 2015 by Samantha Gee
Clearly by Brandon
In the last of our performance management trilogy, Julia considers the foundations for greater manager discretion in reward
13th October 2015 by Julia Hanna
Huracan by Alexander Nie
Julia is in Employee Benefits Magazine this week considering whether the over 55's have run amok with their pension pots
07th October 2015 by Julia Hanna
Tiger by Wiliam Worby to represent taming
We'll be exploring these two significant game changers for HR at our complimentary event on 18 November in Milton Keynes.
06th October 2015 by Verditer
Chess to show judgement and complex decisions
In Sam's blog she explains why setting executive pay is so challenging in the charity sector.
29th September 2015 by Samantha Gee
Sabre tooth tiger to show extinction for employers without a great EVP
In this blog Sam talks about the importance of a great Employee Value Proposition along with some tips we use with clients.
14th September 2015 by Samantha Gee
Bamboozled by Brandon
In the second of our performance management trilogy, Julia considers whether there's a simple answer to reward without ratings.
09th September 2015 by Julia Hanna
Brownie climbing
How volunteering can help a company be irresistible
25th August 2015 by Julia Hanna
Employee Benefits Live
Hear us talk about Employee Value Proposition on Day 2 of Employee Benefits Live 2015.
14th August 2015 by Verditer
Leap of faith by Brandon
The first in our performance management trilogy Sam looks at what is behind the trend to remove appraisal ratings, and the potential issues to consider.
04th August 2015 by Samantha Gee
Reading newspapers
Here's an updated Reward Bulletin developed in partnership with Standley Associates. Includes an up to date summary of pay and reward in UK and Europe.
29th July 2015 by Verditer
Image courtesy of Sharon Mollerus
Angela Steel our guest blogger highlights the positive impacts of a wellbeing programme...
21st July 2015 by Angela Steel
Bridge by Ewen Roberts
Gender pay reporting is coming, the Government aims to end the pay gap in a generation
15th July 2015 by Julia Hanna
Craig Sunter  'Lean on Me' to srepresent equality
This blog from Sam looks at what the new NLW actually means in reality.
14th July 2015 by Samantha Gee
5 Inches by Frankieleon
The High Pay Centre contends that LTIs should be abolished, is there another way?
13th July 2015 by Julia Hanna
Paper Money by Kevin Dooley to represent Pay
Sam is in HR Zone this week outlining some of the arguments for high executive pay.
01st July 2015 by Samantha Gee
People reading newspapers to reflect News bulletin
We have once again partnered with Standley Associates to bring you an up to date summary of pay and reward in UK and Europe.
18th June 2015 by Verditer
Eye I by Thomas Tolkein
We look at the benefits of ensuring your employees feel valued and engaged
17th June 2015 by Julia Hanna
Number 10
Julia explores what the Conservative government means for pay and reward
12th June 2015 by Julia Hanna
Conductor taking control by Phil Roeder
Sam writes for HR Zone on the six steps needed to take control of pay in your organisation.
09th June 2015 by Samantha Gee
Gender equality as shown by Mr Fantastic vs. Elastigirl by JD Hancock
This blog is about the slow progress towards pay equality and why compulsory gender pay gap reporting will help.
06th June 2015 by Samantha Gee
Banksy Street
Julia writes in HR Zone on possibly the bitterest aspect of the executive pay debate - the pay gap
03rd June 2015 by Julia Hanna
Employee Engagement
Julia comments on an article in HR Magazine
28th May 2015 by Julia Hanna
The Money Tree by Steve Corey
Sam reviews the recent High Pay Centre report into performance-related pay
19th May 2015 by Samantha Gee
Storm Drain by darkday - to show money down the drain
Julia writes for HR Zone with a five point health check to ensure bonus isn't money simply wasted.
14th May 2015 by Julia Hanna
Glenn Close Fatal Attraction to show excitement and mistake
In this blog Sam explains why high pay may be attractive on the surface but could lead to a nasty surprise underneath.
07th May 2015 by Samantha Gee
Newspaper to indicate News Bulletin
We have partnered with Standley Associates to bring you a Reward Bulletin covering pay and reward in UK and Europe.
30th April 2015 by Verditer
Numbers Benchmarking Pay Data
Sam contributes to the topic of salary benchmarking in CIPD People Management magazine.
28th April 2015 by Samantha Gee
Apples and Pears
Julia describes how to set, and compare, pay equitably across borders.
23rd April 2015 by Julia Hanna
Verditer Flycatcher by Ganesh Subramanian
The trials of choosing a company name.
01st April 2015 by Samantha Gee
Sustainable woods by Pavel Ahmed
Sam contributes to an ICAEW article on the challenge faced by remuneration committees to incorporate environmental and social issues into executive pay.
29th March 2015 by Samantha Gee
Buoyant balls on water
Julia provides insight in HRZone on how to set salary increase budgets when wage growth is low despite low unemployment and an economic upturn.
28th March 2015 by Julia Hanna
Energising northern lights
Sam presents at a ClarksLegal event on how reward impacts employee engagement.
21st March 2015 by Samantha Gee
Egg timer set to zero for zer hours contracts
Zero-hours contracts should be used to create great places to work regardless of contract – argues Sam in Employee Benefits magazine.
20th March 2015 by Samantha Gee
Social media icons
A great review following the CIPD Reward Conference where Sam presented a session on social media with Helen Murlis.
19th March 2015 by Samantha Gee
Golden idol trophy for being the best
Sam writes in HR Zone on the important role reward plays in employee engagement.
18th March 2015 by Samantha Gee
Social media icons
An article in Workplace Savings and Benefits on social media quotes Sam’s session at the CIPD Reward Conference.
17th March 2015 by Samantha Gee
Unique as a snowflake
Sam writes for Employee Benefits on using benefits as a differentiator.
16th February 2014 by Samantha Gee