Executive Remuneration

Shareholders and stakeholders: a complex relationship
Does the focus on shareholders hinder wealth equality? or should business have a greater focus on profit?
01st February 2022 by Julia Hanna
The morality of furlough
Here’s our take on the emotion surrounding 'tycoons' furloughing staff
14th May 2020 by Julia Hanna
Executive pay in unprecedented times
Now more than ever RemCo.s need to be attuned to the whole organisation
09th April 2020 by Julia Hanna
CIPD Podcast
All listed companies in the UK with more than 250 people must now report the ratio between their CEO pay and the median pay of their employees. Julia joins Charles Cotton and Prof. Sandy Pepper to discuss whether it will make much difference to the widening gap, and, whether big, complex reward packages are much of a motivator anyway…
07th August 2019 by Julia Hanna
Julia reviews the key points of the new Corporate Governance Code and the opportunities for HR
19th July 2018 by Julia Hanna
Ten things you need to know about Executive pay ratios
Sam discusses what you need to know when it comes to executive pay ratios.
12th June 2018 by Samantha Gee
Are you reward ready for 2018?
In the usual ‘new year’ fashion, here’s my thoughts on what’s on the horizon for reward in the year ahead.
08th January 2018 by Samantha Gee
Has Executive Pay finally had a makeover?
Julia assesses the trends for executive compensation.
11th July 2017 by Julia Hanna
2016 certainly wasn't dull on the reward front, our top 10 blogs show what's top of everyone's lists
19th December 2016 by Verditer
Karate kick at sunrise
Julia considers whether proposed regulations will bring real change
19th December 2016 by Julia Hanna
Rainbow to show pay benchmarking is not a pot of gold
Sam's blog looks at why benchmarking is simply a guide for pay decisions and not the answer
08th August 2016 by Samantha Gee
Greens and vegatables in store
Julia looks at the implications of new Conservatism on the pay debate
12th July 2016 by Julia Hanna
Breaking Away Brexit
Following the EU Referendum and our decision to leave, we take a look at the potential implications for reward
04th July 2016 by Samantha Gee
Hot Foot by Istolethetv
Will consumer campaign groups 'nudge' corporations to make changes?
15th June 2016 by Julia Hanna
Daffodil by Karen Blaha
As AGM season approaches, Julia looks at the impact of high executive pay
05th April 2016 by Julia Hanna
Nettle by Steve P2008
Julia attended the High Pay Centre event "Does high pay really motivate top executives?", here are her takeaways...
18th February 2016 by Julia Hanna
Executive Pay, Pay Gap, Gender pay gap, pay ratio
Stepping up to disclosure - a synopsis of the High Pay Centre report
15th December 2015 by Julia Hanna
Chess to show judgement and complex decisions
In Sam's blog she explains why setting executive pay is so challenging in the charity sector.
29th September 2015 by Samantha Gee
5 Inches by Frankieleon
The High Pay Centre contends that LTIs should be abolished, is there another way?
13th July 2015 by Julia Hanna
Paper Money by Kevin Dooley to represent Pay
Sam is in HR Zone this week outlining some of the arguments for high executive pay.
01st July 2015 by Samantha Gee
Banksy Street
Julia writes in HR Zone on possibly the bitterest aspect of the executive pay debate - the pay gap
03rd June 2015 by Julia Hanna
Employee Engagement
Julia comments on an article in HR Magazine
28th May 2015 by Julia Hanna
The Money Tree by Steve Corey
Sam reviews the recent High Pay Centre report into performance-related pay
19th May 2015 by Samantha Gee
Sustainable woods by Pavel Ahmed
Sam contributes to an ICAEW article on the challenge faced by remuneration committees to incorporate environmental and social issues into executive pay.
29th March 2015 by Samantha Gee