Our top 10 of 2015

Just in case you missed them, here are our most popular blogs of 2015
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There so much happening in performance and reward - the landscape is ever changing. Just in case you missed them, here are our most popular blogs of 2015.

1. How to earn brownie points

Our most popular blog, the passion employees feel about volunteering is clear. Find out the win-win of volunteering to help you be an irresistible employer.

2. Pay trust and engagement

Pay constantly registers highly in engagement surveys, Sam looked at why it’s all about trust.

3. The shocking reality of equal pay

Gender pay reporting is coming soon. Here we look at the reasons for, the impact of and how to address equal pay.

4. Removing appraisal ratings a leap of faith?

Performance management is high on many agendas. What’s behind the trend to remove appraisal ratings? And what do you need to consider before you follow suit?

5. Reward without ratings a simple answer?

Still on the PM page, Julia looks at the question many are asking “how do you reward without ratings?”

6. National living wage lets be clear

The Government introduced the new National Living Wage which will be effective in April 2016. Sam looked at what it really means for employers.

7. Where next for engagement?

Engagement as part of a suite of Environmental, Social and Governance factors that give an indication of how well a company is run – will it be incorporated in to executive pay?

8. A $70,000 fatal attraction?

Sam commented on why pay can be a shallow reward and looking broader provides a more healthy and sustainable outcome.

9. When a euro is not a euro

Julia looked at the complexity of setting pay across borders.

10. CEO pay: why charity trustees have the hardest job

Setting executive pay is challenging but even more so when you have charitable status. We explain the added complexity and give some insights.


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